Next Gen Printers: Tiny As Can Be!

Everyone is looking to be the “next generation” of this or that. There is no doubt that’s a good thing because every consumer wants their new gadget to be as small as can be. Why? Beats me really. Maybe it’s because we wanna carry it around and use it rather then having to leave the gadget at home, only to be used while we’re there. However, can a gadget be too small? That’s the real question here. Some said that a few years ago cell phones got so small people started complaining. That’s why we haven’t really seen cell phones getting much smaller.

That’s not the case with printers, not if designer Daniel Dobrogorsky has something to say about it. He’s turned a well oiled printer that we’re used to into something that will rival all else. It’s no longer a good thing to have a printer that takes up as much room as your small Playstation 3. Nope, that’s far too big.

Daniel’s approach is a nanoprinter with tiny robots discharging ink to locations regulated by laser beams from four tiny base stations around the document to be printed. It sounds futuristic and unreal because it is. This is; however, the future of printing people say, and we can only imagine what it will be like. However, even though I don’t like this idea, I can’t help but think that it sure will be easy bringing those four base stations with me wherever I go. I will always have a printer with me. That’s all that matters, right?