How To: Make An NFC-Enabled Phone Charging Dock From Old Books

If you don’t mind carving up an old book, this is such a creative phone charging dock. If you have an iPhone, you can just skip the whole part about NFC, but if you have an NFC-enabled Android phone, you might want to have some extra fun and add an NFC component to your dock, which you’ll be able to make in no time. This is definitely one of those projects that will earn you some geek cred.

If you are going to incorporate NFC into your phone charging dock, you can pick up a pack here on NFC Tags Store for a few bucks. Then, watch the first video below which will tell you how to program them.

As far as making the phone charging dock goes…You’ll have to choose a few books that you won’t mind sacrificing for this project. It shouldn’t be too hard really, just choose a few that you enjoyed reading and want to remember. Even though you’ll have to carve up a book, it’s still a really nice way to give an old, traditional book a new, fresh life. In addition to the box cutter that you’ll need to carve the book, you’ll also need a USB charging cord. You can watch the second video below to learn the steps for making the phone charging dock.

You may wonder why the NFC tag would even come into play – if you have an NFC-enabled phone, you can program your tag to do fun things like wake you up with an alarm, play music or make your coffee. Okay, it probably won’t technically make your cup of coffee with sugar and cream, but you could program your NFC tag to start your coffee pot in the morning…but that’s for a different article. And, yes, you are right, you don’t need an NFC tag to wake you up in the morning since you could just use your alarm clock app, but where’s the geek cred in doing that? If you are going to attempt to make this phone charging dock, you can click over to WonderHowTo for more detailed text to correspond with the videos below. Good luck!

DIY Phone Charging Dock Created From Old Books

You can make this with or without the NFC tag, depending on what kind of phone you have.



Via: [WonderHowTo]