Nifty MiniDrive Adds 200GB Of Removable Storage To Your MacBook

How fast do you fill up your MacBook storage space and how often do you have to clean it to give it room for other things? If you are like me, it is quite often. It is annoying as we fill our drives with stuff that we actually need. The “what do I need the least” is not always a preferred sentiment and it is not always how we would like it to be. But those days are now over and with the new Nifty MiniDrive, you will be able to add additional storage space to your MacBook without having to open it up or even buy an external drive.

The Nifty Minidrive comes in three different models all holding 200GB of storage. You will be able to choose from a MacBook Pro 13″ drive ($24.95), MacBook Pro 15″ drive ($61.00) or a Nifty MiniDrive for MacBook Air ($39.99).

All of the Nifty MiniDrives comes in a silver hand-polished aluminum finish and blends seamlessly into your computer when inserted. That is something that Apple buyers like, and you can’t tell that it is not an Apple product. They are quite durable as well, and that is mostly thanks to the aluminum casing. The cards also work with any brand microSD card (up to UHS-I only).

The best part of this mini drive is, of course, the ability to purchase multiple and change them out as they become full. No more bulky external drives and you can carry several in your pocket enabling you to bring several terabytes with you when you travel or if you are out in the field.

If you are in need of more storage space then, before you decide on an external drive, have a look at these microSD cards as these will most likely be a better solution than an external drive. Depending on what you are using your computer for, 200GB may sound like a lot but when you start filling it with games, movies, music and whatever else available storage space will start shrinking fast. Invest in a couple and you are all set when you start running out of space.

Nifty MiniDrive – 200GB Extra MacBook Storage

Nifty MiniDrive MacBook MicroSD Card

Nifty MiniDrive MacBook MicroSD Card

Nifty MiniDrive MacBook MicroSD Card