Nike Uses Public Holographic Displays To Market New Running Shoes

Catching the attention of customers is becoming more difficult for brands. We can even see that on every social networking service available today. A simple tweet gets lost in the noise, and even with vast numbers of followers, it can be a struggling endeavor to get a message across. Every so often, something goes viral, and it makes it all worthwhile. But when it comes to public advertising, one has to find new approaches. That is exactly what Nike has done with their new public holographic displays marketing campaign.

The best way to catch the attention of new customers is to find campaign solutions that have not been utilized before. A simple poster ad in public doesn’t really do it anymore. You will have to do something much more complex than that to make an impact. Technology has yet to enter the advertising industry when it comes to presentations. Sure, there are TV ads and whatnot, but when I say technology, I mean incorporating technology in the actual public ads. That is exactly what Nike thought when they planned their public holographic displays marketing campaign for their new Nike Free 5.0 running shoes.

What they have done is to create a hybrid ad. They combined simple poster ads with holographic displays, or Holocubes, on which they demo their new running shoes. So what that means is that depending on what angle you are to the actual holographic displays, you will always see new details that you haven’t seen before. Their campaign has been spotted in Amsterdam, but I am sure that with its success, Nike will implement this ad strategy in many more cities around the world.

The company hired to supply the holographic displays, or the Holocubes, is a European company that specializes in holographic displays. Even though the actual shoe displayed in 3D space are somewhat translucent, which makes it a little less realistic, the effect is still quite impressive. With new ad technologies like this, I am sure we will soon see a whole lot more experimentation when it comes to public ad campaigns. I am eager to see how far all this can be taken. Does Back To The Future ring a bell?

Nike Free 5.0 Holographic Displays Marketing Campaign



Via: [DVICE] [psfk]