No Coding! Just Stick It!

Not everyone has the ability to code or the time to learn how to code.  I am just learning myself and I am enjoying every minute of it.  But for others, it is something that they might have a hard time fitting into their schedule.

Finally there is a stress-free way of designing your websites. Stop coding and start designing! Stiqr, the industry’s first and only website modification platform-as-a-service, delivers on demand site editing tools and applications to your site without any coding on your part.

Stiqr was designed for website owners who have been frustrated with HTML and CSS used to modify the look of their sites. What is cool is that it works for all types of blog creating platforms! You’ve got to take advantage of it now because if you sign up during the beta phase, you can use the service for FREE! You can also check out the resource tab where in it teaches you how to use the tool! I have included the video demo here for you to check out and see if it’s for you!

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