Nokia’s Secret Multi-Display Smartwatch Project Surfaces

Now that the smartwatch concept has been released to the world by several developers, many are already trying to refine it or re-innovate it. There is a lot to do still when it comes to smartwatches, and in my humble opinion, I don’t think we have even scratched the surface of what a smartwatch can really do. There have been rumors going around about Nokia working on several prototypes and recently a multi-display smartphone concept has surfaced called Facet.

It is a tricky concept to wrap your head around, I am not going to lie, and it doesn’t always make sense. Keep in mind that when a developer is working on a concept it doesn’t always come in the form, shape or finish it is planned to be made into. They are basically just trying out what their concept is capable of, and how to further refine the features, etc. Nokia’s Facet is one of those smartwatches, and what’s really unique about it is that it is a multi-display watch which sports 6 different separate screens.

Wrapped around your arm the smartwatch has several new swipe and pinch gestures that the average smartphone user wouldn’t be too familiar with, but it makes sense in a quirky kind of way. So could this multi-display smartwatch amount to anything and could it possibly become popular? I don’t think I am in any position of making such a call, although I have been a watch collector for many years now, and in my own humble opinion I think the idea is brilliant, however, I am not sure I would call it a smartwatch. The fact that this multi-display “watch” is wrapped around your arm makes it more of a bracelet, and that comes with many annoying problems.

In case Nokia is trying to be unique and innovate on things that have not yet been thought of then this is definitely something that would be classified as such, but I don’t think it would appeal to the average smartphone user. A user wants something that is simple to understand and use. The more powerful the simple features are, (as contradicting as that might sound), the better. I am a little disoriented when it comes to my immediate reaction and impression when it comes to this multi-display watch. What is your opinion and do you think you would wear it?

Nokia’s Multi-DIsplay Smartwatch Concept

Nokia Multi-Display Smartwatch

Nokia Multi-Display Smartwatch

Nokia Multi-Display Smartwatch