Now Having A Laser Light Show For Your Party Is A Breeze!

I have produced several parties and events over the past six years. We have organized events that catered to small groups of 100 people all the way up to 5,000 guests in one night. The elements that seem to capture their interests, aside from the entertainment (bands or live performers) are the videos and light shows that we incorporate in the program for the night.

We install different lights that really wow the crowd into a frenzy. This is quite easy to do because of the technology that is now readily available. However, the draw back for some people is the cost that comes with doing this. I remember us creating magic with the use of hologram machines, and of course, the famous laser lights that can be programed depending on the mood for the night.

However, what if you really do not have much of a budget to put towards a very impressive laser light show for a party that you want to throw? I found a very cool gadget that is portable, and it does the job quite well. It is called the Laser Theater. It comes with a tilting stand, green and red lights and 4 inter-changeable diffraction patterns. You can create 39 different light shows, so you can just image the endless possibilities that this machine offers. It sells for $149.99, which is not bad if you hold parties often. At least now having a laser light show for your parties will be a breeze!

Source: [Think Geek]