Now You Can Run Underwater!

Everyone wants to stay fit and the best way really is to exercise. So many of my friends have already incorporated running into their exercise routine. Others prefer water sports since they feel it is more friendly on the body’s joints. Water sports can tone your whole body without causing stress to your joints. Some people like running more because they think that if they do not know how to swim then water sports are not an option for them.

Thanks to new technology, you can actually run and still have the benefits of doing it underwater. Now we can run underwater using the Pool Sprint. It is essentially a treadmill that you can use underwater.

Pool Sprint is a new innovative water sport which takes running to the extreme on a whole new level. Pool Sprint is the new era of running. The special running mat and shoes enable maximum performance and running in the water by providing a good grip for the feet at the bottom of the pool. Now you can stay fit anywhere!

Source – Pool