Underwater MP3 Player Lets You Listen To Music With Your Cheekbones

How would you like to be able to hear clear music while you’re swimming underwater? You wouldn’t exactly be able to do that by wearing your earpods. Instead, you could listen to music through your cheekbones. I didn’t know this was possible until I read about it today. It’s such a brilliant idea. Owning an underwater MP3 player isn’t just a futuristic concept anymore, it’s a real product that will enhance the lives of swimmers everywhere. If you’d like to listen to music while swimming laps, this is for you.

I found the best way to describe this underwater MP3 player on pocket-lint. According to that site, “Instead of streaming music through your ear canals like the headphones we’ve come to know, the Neptune player uses bone conduction. Vibrations are sent through your cheekbone, which your inner ear will pick up as clear sound.” The design itself consists of three total pieces. Two of them are side speakers and one is the OLED screen that will sit on the back of your head. The high contrast screen will display the song, artist and play status. This system was specifically designed not to interrupt your swimming technique.

This underwater MP3 player can store about 1,000 songs or 60 hours of playback which can be uploaded with a microUSB cable. This design won the reddot design award for 2013. I want to get back to the cheekbone part. Did you know you can hear music through your cheekbones? Mother nature is a mad scientist. I’m not even a big fan of swimming, but I wouldn’t mind trying this out firsthand. Of course, if you want to buy this underwater MP3 player for yourself, it’s going to cost you. You can pick it up at Finis Neptune for $160. Ouch.

Underwater MP3 Player: Listen To Music With Your Cheekbones



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