ON TIME Headset: New Technology To Keep You Informed

It’s not an understatement to say the once this whole social networking business got booming, every company, big or small, has gotten a much busier schedule to maintain. Keeping up with what goes on has almost become a full time job, and finding the right tools to keep track of the fast changing trends can sometimes be hard, if not impossible. There are; however, a few tools in development to keep us more at ease and more structured.

It’s a concept project that is looking into the possibilities of creating a gadget that will alert you to the subjects and trends you are interested in. This project, designed by Pedro Gomes, is a truly brilliant solution to a big problem. Not only will it be the mega delivery of online information, but it will also track heart rate, calorie intake, who’s calling you and a lot more.

It will be somewhat like an information funnel in which you decide what’s coming through. It will come in the form of a headset or a bracelet, and it will utilize the bluetooth technology to make it seamless and easy to use and carry around. Also, when inactive, it will work as a storage device which securely keeps your data close at hand. It’s one of the coolest gadgets this week for sure. When will it be available? Well, at this point, it’s only a concept design, but I will follow this development closely and will deliver any new information I might gather.