How Online Gaming Has Helped To Inspire The Renaissance Of The PC

For all of its mystique and unanswered questions, the new Windows 10 platform is considered to herald something of a new era for desktops. Designed to modernise the desktop platform and provide a flexible, progressive alternative to the dominant iOS and Android alternatives, Windows 10 is expected to make PC’s great again. It is expected to bring people back to online gaming in the masses.

While Windows 10 is bound to take considerable plaudits in this regard, however, the fact remains that the timing of its release has coincided with considerable improvements in the desktop market. Not only has Windows retained a strong corporate user base, for example, but the popularity of online casino games through platforms such as Titanbet Casino has also helped players reconnect with the desktop platform.

The latter point is particularly important, as online casino gaming continues to expand exponentially in terms of its market share. The size of the online gaming market rose from $13.8 billion in 2005 to $41.4 billion at the beginning of this year, with casino gameplay and experiences such as roulette, poker and blackjack playing a prominent role in this growth. With the market set to grow even further in the next decade, there is no doubt that virtual casino games and live tournament play will dominate the platform in the future.

While online casino gameplay remains synonymous with the mobile platform, the development of increasingly capacious and slim-line desktops means that players are returning to more traditional PC devices. The development of cross-platform experiences between mobile and desktop devices has also seen an increase in the popularity of PC online gaming, with players increasingly likely to stream their favourite mobile casino apps onto a bigger screen.

While the popularisation of online casino gaming may be the primary reason for the renaissance of the desktop platform, however, the emergence of Windows 10 can certainly help to continue this trend. After all, it will be the first instalment of its type to allow for flexible usage, enabling integration with Android and iOS platforms. This will make it far easier to enjoy mobile casino apps and games on the PC platform while also equipping players with access to a wider library of titles.

Ultimately, Windows 10 is being released at the ideal time for desktop gaming, online gaming and the platform as a whole. It will be ideally placed to help capitalise on the recent resurgence of personal computers in the UK, providing additional capacity and flexibility to players. It should not be forgotten that popular online casino games have also played a significant role in helping new desktop computers to gain traction in the market, by providing huge momentum and opening the door to an entirely new demographic of customers.

Online Gaming – The New Renaissance Of The PC

Online Gaming PC Renaissance

Online Gaming PC Renaissance