Opening Beer Just Got Easier – Wear Your Bottle Opener!

I have been in the U.S. for almost two weeks already, and I am loving my stay here. There are so many spots to see, and so many cool things that I have discovered by just going into the different shops. One thing that I’ve noticed is that people everywhere love their beer. My Uncle George always has a drink when he wants to relax, as do my cousins. Well, I guess everywhere in the world a person can grab a cold bottle of beer and say, “Ahhh, life is good.”

However, one thing that can really ruin that experience is when you can’t find a bottle opener. I went to Wallgreens the other day and saw so many kinds of bottle openers. You have some made like a key chain, others have colorful attachments and some that are so small they fit in your pocket. However, I especially like this one. It’s a shirt with a Beerbot design on the front. You’ll see, the bottle opener is part of the shirt! Imagine wearing one, and you could be the life of the party! The shirt costs $19.99 at Think Geek.

Main Image Source – Beer Bottle Cap Assortment

BeerBot Opening Shirt