Raspberry Pi Driven Bark-Activated Door Opener

Have you ever seen so many wonderful words in one and the same title? I have to admit I think it is the most geeky title I have written to date actually. Even I get curious to know what this thing is all about. There are a lot of things that can be done with a Raspberry Pi, we have established that quite a while ago, but I don’t think I have ever come across a project like this. The Raspberry Pi driven bark-activated door opener is definitely something you have to take a look at.

The mastermind behind this project, called Pi-Rex, is Dave Hunt, a seemingly brilliant chap that certainly knows how to put a little bit of innovation into your everyday endeavors. Dogs usually have a will of their own, but more than often they have a pretty hard time opening doors, (at least the last time I checked). I think Dave knew this too and, therefore, decided to put together the bark-activated door opener.

At first the project seems a little daunting to understand. There are pullies, brackets, and a whole lot of technology and nothing seems to make sense. Well, that is until Dave actually demonstrates the brilliant thing. The bark-activated door opener will be his dog’s favorite Christmas present of all time that’s for certain!

No longer will his little pooch have to sit by the door waiting to get out. A quick bark is all it takes, and the door opens. It’s almost Aladdin-like when you think about it. A few barks and the bark-activated door opener will bring the dog unrestricted freedom.

It’s a genius contraption, however, one that could use a little bit of perfecting. Wouldn’t it be cool if the bark-activated door opener would also close the door after a certain amount of time? I know that’s why it’s called “door opener”, but anyway! It would be such an optimized way to allow your dog complete freedom. I give it a 5 out of 5 rebel stars for creativity and innovation using a Raspberry Pi as the driving engine behind it.

Dave Hunt’s Raspberry Drive Bark-Activated Door Opener

Bark Activated Door Opener

Bark Activated Door Opener

Bark Activated Door Opener

Header Image: [Poet Kate Hutchinson]