5 Clever Tips To Help You Optimize Working On Your Smartphone [Video]

If you are like me, you carry all your mobile gadgets with you everywhere you go so you can immediately set up a mini-office in a coffee shop, in a client’s office or even in your car. My “technology bag” has everything in it from my iPhone to my iPad and every kind of power cord, car adaptor and backup tech accessory I could ever need. If you work on the go like that too, you are probably interested in how you can optimize the process of working on your smartphone.

Richard pointed out in an article yesterday about how a laptop trackpad can interrupt your workflow since it is about 2-3 times slower than using a mouse. That slowdown can add up to hours over a week of time. Similarly, there are things you might be doing when working on your smartphone that are slowing you down too, and you might not even realize it.

We’ve featured a few videos from Hack College in the past, and they are always helpful. This one, entitled How To Work Smarter On Your Smartphone goes into 5 clever tips we can implement immediately to be sure we are optimizing our time when we’re working from our smartphones.

My favorite one is the smartphone camera solution. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before. If you need a scanner, and you don’t have access to it at the moment, you can just take a picture with your smartphone camera. DOH! I’ve obviously had tunnel vision in thinking our smartphone cameras were only good for taking goofy pictures, but it turns out, it has several clever uses that can help us optimize working on our smartphones. The next time you pick up your smartphone to do some work, remember these tips. They could help you save some time during your day!

5 Ways You Can Optimize Working On Your Smartphone



Via: [Hack College] Header Image Credit: [The Guardian]