Optimizing Website Performance With CDN

Billions of users go online every day. The online economy operates at tremendous speeds. Everyone is used to high-speed Internet and instant solutions to their problems using online services. Delaying the loading of the site even a few seconds leads to a catastrophic loss of customers.

Statistics show tens of percent, by which the conversion decreases with slow loading of sites and files. To prevent your potential customers from going to competitors, use a CDN.

Optimizing Website Performance CDN


How Does CDN Work?

CDN (content delivery network) is a geographically distributed network of servers. It is needed so that users from all over the world can access your site without delay. The fact is that the transmission rate of digital information, although very high, is still limited. On a scale of thousands of kilometers, this matters. When using a CDN global network, users access content not from the main server (origin) but from the nearest caching server (Point of Presence or PoP). Data from Origin is not duplicated on them, but static content is cached, because, as a rule, it is the most “heavy.”

Universal Solution

The technical performance of GCore’s CDN is impeccable. Whether you’re into streaming, e-commerce, gaming, or any other industry, your site will load quickly even with very high traffic. But this is not the only advantage.

The provider will protect you from DDoS attacks and provide advanced analytics about web service visitors. How to become a client and optimize the business?

How To Connect The Service?

First of all, to order the service, you need to choose a suitable tariff plan. If you have a small project or blog, you can even opt for the free package. To set up a CDN, you will need to transfer the static content of the site to a separate domain and then connect the service. This is vital for you if your site has a lot of “heavy content” (video) or a lot of users from different countries. So, if you plan to scale the firm and not lose customers, then optimizing website performance is necessary.

Optimizing Website Performance CDN


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