Order Dinner From A Touchscreen Menu Embedded In Your Restaurant Table

We’ve all experienced it. We’ve gone to a restaurant for a quick lunch or dinner between work projects, and the server takes a long time to take our order. By the time we get our food, we either have to eat it super fast, or just get it packed to go. Could there be a more optimized way to order dinner? Possibly. How would you like to order your own dinner from a touchscreen menu embedded right in your own table at the restaurant?

With this interactive touchscreen menu, you could not only order dinner (and your order would be sent straight to the kitchen), but you could also check the nutritional stats and ingredients of the menu items before placing your order. This type of menu could offer a lot more information about the available dishes than what your waiter or waitress might have time to explain.

This touchscreen menu table was developed by draqie. It only responds to the touch of your fingers – not the plates, cups, cutlery or other things that might be placed on the table. This new way to order dinner would also remove the human error that sometimes enters the ordering equation (like when your server forgets that you requested no salt in your sauce, or sour cream on your potato).

Some people may say that the ability to order dinner this way removes even more human interaction during our day. After all, with social media and technology all around us all the time, we interact face-to-face less now than ever before. In my opinion, this doesn’t remove a human being from the equation. After all, your server will still bring your food to the table. It just simplifies the initial ordering process, which could be easier for everyone involved. Would you like to order dinner this way? I would.

Order Dinner From An Interactive Touchscreen Menu

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Via: [Digital Technology]