3D Food Printing: Food Carts Of The Future

We love our food, and that has become even more evident since we have evolved from the old-fashioned hot dog stand to multiple food carts that provide an array of multicultural cuisine. We are always looking for the next best thing in the food industry to appease our taste buds, so could 3D food printing be the new trend of the future? Technology is always advancing, and more and more often we see innovation appear before our eyes. Some of these creations we could not even fathom just a few years ago. The 80s got us all amped up for flying cars and robotic maids, and sometimes it seems as though we are behind the times (according to The Jetsons cartoon that is).

However, that cartoon never featured a 3D printing food cart now did it? Imagine your food printed out (much like ink) onto parchment paper. And when it dries, it becomes edible in a 3D form. What if we up it a notch and added that it could be available to you on our future generations’ food carts? Did we get your attention? If we still need to add a little bit more luster to the idea, what if you could order 3D chocolate that you could eat instead of street meat? C’MON, everybody loves chocolate!

Whether you are one of the few manufactures that creates these heavenly creations on three wheels, or you are one of the geniuses who is capable financially or knowledgeable enough to design your own 3D printing food cart from scratch, this new form of making food is getting noticed across the web. Printing food onto parchment paper is only the beginning to what is yet to come…Perhaps hot dog stands will make a comeback after all, only this time around, the hot dogs will be printed in 3D.

3D Printed Food On The Food Carts Of The Future

3D Food Printing Cart

Futuristic Printing Food Carts


3D Food Printing Chocolate

Food from 3D Printing Cart

Eating 3D Printed Food

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