Passenger Drone – The New Way To Commute Through The Skies Is Here

The world’s most advanced autonomous manned vehicle, the Passenger Drone, has recently completed intensive flight testing, proving that the days of commuting to work via air are almost here. Passenger Drone, the company behind this revolutionary mode of transportation, has stated that all that the passengers have to do to reach their destination is to enter the location via the user interface on the drone; the Passenger Drone will take care of the rest and will carry the commuters to their destination at speeds as high as 80kmph.

This lightweight passenger drone made with carbon fiber composites is extremely easy to maneuver and comes with a manual mode as well as an autonomous mode. Needless to say, it is here to change the way people travel on a daily basis.

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[pullquote]As shown in the video shared by Passenger Drone, this unique vehicle is slightly larger than a small car and can seat two passengers.[/pullquote] Furthermore, it is equipped with 16 electric engines and emits zero emissions. Therefore, it is environment-friendly while being better in the departments of safety and performance than most quadcopters. Along with being non-polluting, the Passenger Drone also comes with various social and economic benefits, by saving commuters a lot of time and money that is lost during the hours wasted in traffic congestion.

According to Project WNYC, the average commute time to work in the USA is 25.4 minutes, but as stated by, passenger drones come with the ability to reduce this time from the scale of hours to the scale of minutes. This will prevent the loss of productivity that happens due to traffic jams and will also save the money that is lost by the drivers, in the form of the cost of congestion.

Passenger Drone comes with VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) capabilities as well as a quadruple redundant stability system, which means that when mass produced, this piece of technology could bust the traditional notions of air travel by making it cost-effective and practical for the masses. According to Wikipedia, the development of advanced aerial drone technology could mean its deployment for services such as air taxis and even air ambulances, which will provide a lot of convenience to the civilians. Therefore the manned flight tests conducted by PassengerDrone in August 2017 are a major leap in the sector of public transport.

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With so many user-friendly features, the Passenger Drone bears a huge potential to become the new preferred mode of transport for the common man and is predicted to become the Uber of the skies. This brilliant invention could change the face of public transport forever and could make traffic jams a thing of the past. Kudos to the team at Passenger Drone for bringing this amazing technology to life and here’s hoping that they begin large-scale production of the Passenger Drone really soon!

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Passenger Drone – The New Way To Commute Through The Skies

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