pCLoud – What Is It And Why Should You Know About It?

pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use cloud storage solution that offers up to 10 GB of free storage and 2 TB of premium storage. It also has some of the best in class security measures to keep all the data safe.

Recently, pCloud added an update where users can select the location of data storage. So let us understand what this update means for users and why you should consider this cloud service.

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What Is The Latest pCloud Update About?

With the latest update, pCloud lets you select the server location where you want to store your data in the United States (Dallas, Texas) or European Union (Luxembourg). As pCloud is based in Switzerland, it complies with all the EU and Swiss privacy laws — some of the strictest laws in the world — like GDPR and Zero-knowledge privacy.

So once selected, the data from the server location cannot be moved or transferred to any other server without the knowledge or specific permission of the user, making it completely secure. That means there is no way for US law enforcement and government authorities with legal access to compromise user data if the user selects the EU server location.

pCloud – How Secure Is Your Data?

Below are some of the features because of which you can be sure of the safety and security of your data with pCloud.

  • Swiss Privacy Laws: pCloud follows all the Swiss privacy laws, some of which are most strict and secure when it comes to user data.
  • Client-side encryption: To protect sensitive data, pCloud uses client-side encryption that encrypts the data on the computer before uploading it in the servers. So no one except you can access the files.
  • Zero-Knowledge policy: Neither pCloud nor any other third party like government agencies can access your data with zero-knowledge privacy. The encryption key, CryptoPass, is not stored on the pCloud’s servers, so they have no way to decrypt your data.
  • GDPR Compatibility: pCloud has full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

pCloud Features

Some of the additional features of pCloud are…

  • Built-in media player to play any audio files.
  • pCloud Rewind feature helps you recover the files from a previous date. This is useful in case you have accidentally deleted your files or they get corrupted for some reason.
  • pCloud Save is a browser extension that helps save files directly into your pCloud account. The extension is available for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Automatic backups to simply upload all data from other third-party cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


pCloud is a fantastic cloud storage solution that’s both secure and safe. That is why now over 10.5 million users trust pCloud with their data. It offers 10 GB storage under the free plan, or you can sign up for any of its premium plans that start at just $47.88 per year for 500 GB and $95.88 for 2 TB. So try pCloud today.

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