People’s Tech Takeover: The Shift In Traditional Photojournalism

We all know how popular online photo sharing has become over the past few years. With 250 million photos uploaded to Facebook alone each day, it’s obvious that people everywhere love to share the pictures they take, and that is most likely not about to change any time soon.

However, one aspect of that which I never thought about until I saw this infographic called The People’s Tech Takeover is the effect all that photo sharing has on photojournalism as a whole. As much as some professional photographers still scoff the iPhone as a serious camera, it is the most popular camera used on Flickr (a spot previously held by the Canon Powershot).

Even as recently as just a few years ago, large media organizations would hire full-time photojounalists to travel the globe and share their photographs with the world. The reality is that now since everyone takes their camera with them everywhere (in the form of their smartphone), many of those photojournalist jobs are becoming extinct. It is becoming no longer necessary to hire photojournalists to capture incredible shots when “citizen journalists” are doing it for free and sharing their photographs instantly in social media right after they take them.

Although I feel bad for those people who are losing their jobs during this shift in journalism, I really like the fact that it puts the power in the hands of the people. It’s just another opportunity to become more exposed and aware about how our own world is evolving.

Professional Internet Photographers Losing Jobs

Via: [Frugal Dad]