Pepsi Takes Virtual Gifting To Another Level

Social media brings us closer to the brands that we use. If you are on Facebook, aside from “liking” pages that you want to be updated with regarding their promotions and fun activities, you can also find some brands that allow users to give virtual gifts to friends and family. If your friends like donuts, coffee or even hugs, you can easily access gifts for them through the different Facebook apps.

In addition to Facebook, there are a lot of other apps available through the app store that allow you to give virtual gifts if you have an iPhone. One cool one is called My Starbucks. With this one you can create a customized drink and share it with your friends via Facebook or email.

Another brand that is taking online gifting to another level is Pepsi with their Be Social Vending System. It allows Pepsi drinkers to gift their friends with real Pepsi products. One really neat feature on this interactive touchscreen machine is that it enables customers to review nutritional information about the products before they buy them or gift them to their friends. So how does it all work? You simply choose the beverage you want to gift, enter your friend’s name and mobile number, and add a short message. A code will be delivered to your friend, and now that friend can use the code to redeem the drink. I have included some screen shots below and a video to help you see how it all works. I can’t wait till they roll this out in stores!

Pepsi Vending Machine Screen Shot

Nutrition Information On Demad