Personal Flight: First Jet Pack Now Available For $250,000

Man has always looked beyond the horizon for new challenges, and once we manage to conquer them, we continuously find new frontiers to master. As everyone knows, we’ve mastered flight even though it’s with bulky huge airplanes that massively pollute the air around us by using petrol as fuel. It took humanity a long time to find the secret behind free flight and how to get objects from one place to another by air. One thing that has taken even longer to master is personal flight. Yeah, you know, the dream of each person being able to freely fly across the sky without a care in the world.

It seems we’re getting close to the day when we can go into our garage to choose between our bike, our car or our jet pack. Today Jet Pack International announced that their first model, the H202 Jet Pack, is now available for the public to purchase. If you are halfway putting on your shoes right now, chill and sit down for just a little while. It’s not for the common man’s wallet since it will put you back a cool $250,000 for a pack.

The cool thing is that the current model will keep you airborne for about 9 minutes. It’s a reasonable amount of time to get yourself to the corner store and back again. Just keep track of that time though since you wouldn’t want to find out mid-air that your pressure is out, and there is no pull in your pack. It wouldn’t be a very nice landing I reckon. Jet Pack International is already hard at work tinkering on their next model which is said to be priced at $200,000 when it’s available. I suppose in a couple of years, it will be equivalent to buying a sports car. Get ready for the revolution. Watch out, people in the sky!

The First Personal Jet Pack

The First Personal Jet Pack

The First Personal Jet Pack

Via: [UFunk – French]