Personalize Your GPS With Your Favorite Photo!

I remember several months ago when TomTom added Darth Vader, C-3PO, Yoda and Han Solo to their voice collection. Like Richard wrote in this article about it, I thought I was gonna be the coolest mother effer by having Darth Vader give me directions. After all, I already have the Chewbacca ringtone on my cell phone.

However, leave it to TomTom to up their coolness factor once again. What does your GPS look like? If it’s like mine, it’s plain and black. TomTom recently announced that now they will offer free custom personalizing of your device.

I imagine this is in response to the ever-growing trend of taking and sharing pictures online. It seems we are all obsessed with taking photos wherever we go. I swore I would never get sucked into that, but I found myself taking a picture of my Kung Pao Chicken lunch the other day, and tweeting it to a friend. Yeah, I know.

By going here, you can choose from tons of professional designs to customize your GPS unit, or, you can upload your favorite photo and have it printed on your device. The printing itself is done by CafePress. Wow, the options are endless with this. Combined with some of those Star Wars voices, I think this would make a great geek gift!

[via Digital Trends]