Photoshop For Your iPhone!

Yes, the powerful, full featured and ultra useful Adobe application Photoshop is now available for the iPhone. This is great news for all of us Photoshop nuts. Now it is possible to run all of my complex filters like unsharp mask right after I take a picture with my iPhone’s built in camera.

Not exactly.

In fact, virtually all of the high end functions found in the real Photoshop are missing from Photoshop Mobile. This is a very basic app that will allow you to do simple actions like change color, flip, rotate and crop an image. Also included are several very basic filters like SoftFocus (adds a barely noticeable blur to the image) and one called Warm Vintage. There is also a tool called Sketch that enables you to convert images into what looks somewhat like a hand sketched drawing.

If you run out of room to store all of your masterpieces on your iPhone, Adobe allows you to upload them and store them at This is way cool.

While these features are basic, you will appreciate the ability to edit images (especially low res for all of your social media applications) on the go. The application is only available for download from the Apple App Store in the USA and Canada.

Don’t get rid of your dual quad core Mac Pro yet. There is still a use for it.

Adobe partnered with to bring Photoshop Mobile to the iPhone and Blackberry. Also supported are many Windows Mobile phones (complete list of the supported Windows Mobile phones can be found here:

My favorite feature of Photoshop Mobile is the price – IT’S FREE.

If you have an iPhone, Blackberry or supported Windows Mobile phone this is a must have app. Enjoy!