Gifty: The Automatic Flip Book Camera For Lasting Moments

I have never attempted to create a flip book, but after seeing this I am really eager to try it. In the past, you had to create it all on your own by layering your fast-snapped photos on top of each other in the order you took them. Then when they are “flipped” through, you will get a simple kind of animation. It’s something that has long been considered a retro and cool thing to create for all kinds of purposes. With the Gifty flip book camera, it all becomes automated and fun.

I have always loved photography, and the gadgets and services it brings to the world. This Gifty flip book camera is definitely one of those things, and if the awesome people behind this camera would send me one, I would surely not mind writing a review of it and telling you all about its awesome features. But there’s a catch, and I will get to that later in this article.

The impression I get from watching the pitch video is that it’s super easy to use, fast operating and creates an awesome pocket-sized flip book that you can either keep yourself or give to someone you love. The camera is actually called GIF-TY, but the name is pronounced like the title implies, and therefore makes more sense to write it out that way, just to end any confusion. It is said the the Gifty camera is a combination of a burst-shot camera and a ‘zero-ink’ Printer, which makes perfect sense to me.

The simple “user interface” makes the camera fast and easy to operate. It snaps short animations which can be physically edited, and clipped together on a separately designed plastic module. This way, your flip books will always look professional and well maintained. There is a kind of retroness about the Gifty as well since you can add name tags to the plastic modules used to bundle the short photo animations, just like you did with the now ancient VHS cassettes. This makes it super easy to categorize and store your flip books in an easy to browse fashion.

I have been unsuccessful in trying to find a price for this innovation, and sadly it has been labeled as a “concept – not a full product,” and I guess that is why. If we get any other updates about this flip book camera, we’ll be sure to tell you all about it. If you know of anything we don’t, please don’t hesitate to tell us in the commenting section below.

Gifty – Ultimate Flip Book Creator Camera





Via: [Yanko Design]