Pixel Wall | Blast One Word Tweets on your Wall!

Pixel, the one word that every designer knows and loves. Sometimes even fears as it is the one thing always looming before a design is supposed to be turned in for inspection and approval. There have been countless takes on the “Pixel” and the items using the famous pixelation texture even more. Everything from couches, floors and pillows to the 8 bit games we all loved when we were small, and do still.

It has become somewhat of a cult to have something or everything sport the geeky pixel texture and there is now a truly awesome addition to the pixel family. How about your very own wall of pixel triangles? It’s the very latest in interior design and you have 390 heavenly pixels to turn and change colors on to form and style your own pattern for the night.

The “Change It!” wall designed by Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov is a wall of pure inspiration if you ask me. The possibilities are just endless and it’s entirely up to you what you want the motif to be for the occasion. How about a retro Space Invaders theme or why not a an inviting “Welcome” written in colorful pixels all over your wall. You are the designer so you choose.

The colors used are black & white, gray scale or a rainbow kind of palette but, as explained by the designer, in the future the triangles may have any color or any texture. It’s really all up to the technology where you want to take it next. There is no set price on this bad boy yet but you can be sure it won’t come cheap. To invite your friends and loved ones into a room specifically designer for them doesn’t come cheap and you will have to be prepared to cough up the dough to be cool.