Play Super Mario Using Only Your Eyes!

If you are one of the geeks out there with an uncontrollable love for playing Super Mario Bros. every single minute like us here at Bit Rebels, you might enjoy knowing that the way you’re playing it, with the controller, is the lame and simple way to get the princess saved. Using the controller has long been an art for some players, and they have mastered the different combinations to steer Mario to the right ending.

Well, as you know, we don’t settle for that. We need the ultimate challenge, and we won’t stop until we get there. Therefore, we have found a new and truly geeky looking way to play Super Mario: With your eyes. Yeah, that’s right! While using only your eyes you will now be able to make that little pixelated Super Mario jump, run, crush, kill and stop with the movements of your eyes only. All this is thanks to WaterlooLabs genius invention.

Sounds hard doesn’t it? That’s because I don’t think that playing this game will get any harder anytime soon (unless you’re using the Yoda styled mind trick on his butt). However, I don’t see that happening in the near future so suck it up. The positive and negative fields of your eye balls have something to do with it. It’s best they explain it themselves before I make a brain mess of it all. Pucker up, and get Mario to the sacred place for love, by the princess’s side.