Why The Web’s Most Popular Color Is Blue [Infographic]

We have touched on the topic of Internet colors before. In most of those articles, we took a closer look at what popular colors represent and what they convey to readers. Color is a vital part of all brands, and it’s something worth devoting some time and energy to. For example, it’s no accident that Coca-Cola uses their patented red color on their bottles. It expresses everything from love and passion to sin and sex. You can clearly see that through the different advertising campaigns they have launched throughout the years. Color has a significant pull on people, and it’s important not to overlook its power when you create your logo, brand or website. The fact is, the most popular colors on the Internet are carefully brought to our attention this way.

So what are the most popular colors on the Internet anyway? Well, the single most popular color on the Internet is blue. Yup, there are more brands using the color blue (we even use it at Bit Rebels) than any other color. I guess if you want to know what the most popular colors are, they’re actually different shades of blue. What does this mean though?

Blue has a cool effect to it. It’s no coincidence that a lot of technology websites use blue (it doesn’t matter if they are blogs or technology companies). It’s synonymous with technology and innovation. You would probably be able to line up a bunch of companies that use blue in their logo and massively on their website as well. Some examples would be Sears, Electronic Arts and of course Facebook.

In a fresh new infographic from TemplateMonster called Coolness Of Blue In Web Design, we get to take a closer look at the most popular color on the web, and what it all means. It’s an interesting look at how you can make sure people get the right idea when they visit your website if you choose the color blue as your primary color. Popular colors of course have different meanings around the world, and you might want to do some light research before you doodle a logo together.

The popular color blue also stands for efficiency, clarity and simplicity, which of course make for a great greeting color when new visitors first visit your site. It will make your visitors feel right at home and help them settle in. Using the popular color blue in your web design (or logo design) will definitely increase the awareness of your technology approach if your brand wants to be connected to that. Don’t let popular colors pass you by like a simple choice. Colors are intensely important in any web design, and since blue is the most popular color on the Internet, maybe it could possibly be a success factor for your brand as well.

Blue – The Most Popular Color On The Internet

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Via: [visual.ly]