Pricing Options Of Dedicated And Shared Virtual Data Rooms

Today, a virtual data room is understood as a secure dynamic IT space designed to store and study documents that are necessary for a full-fledged transaction between the seller and the buyer of certain resources. The information in the virtual data room is stored in a structured form, and access there to the buyer can be opened via the Internet if the buyer is given an access password. Click here to get more information about the VDR pricing.

Having gained access to the virtual data room, the parties receive the most comfortable conditions for efficient, regular, and structured work. Thanks to the Internet, a person saves significant money that would have to be spent on working in a traditional data room, as well as time. In addition, working with an online data room software, where information is exchanged securely with the server, the user feels much more comfortable.

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It should be noted that at all stages of working with documents, the process of getting acquainted with documents is completely protected. Moreover, an authorized person can only have access to the data that the system administrator has determined for him, and to no other. This allows the administrator to track all the actions that the user performs while working with documents, and make adjustments as necessary.

In turn, users’ confidential documents are protected against hacking, viewing, viruses, and accidental destruction, which allows clients of such rooms to feel completely safe.

Most often, documents stored in a virtual data room are in PDF format. Thanks to this, they are quickly retrieved, easily read, copied to the user’s media, or, conversely, denied access. Thus, each visitor to the VDR can only access files within the limits of his authority.

The most popular virtual data rooms have been received among companies involved in legal services and consulting. The reason is clear since this room is ideal for painstaking work with documents.

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Benefits Of Virtual Data Rooms

A universal platform for data exchange allows you to effectively solve the problems of information security and IT in the field of storage and protection of corporate information. The uniqueness of the solution lies in the integration of a virtual data room and centralized DRM protection of documents. This approach allows you to significantly reduce the cost of owning individual software products.

  • Reducing incidents related to the leakage and compromise of company data;
  • Decreasing the cost of investigating incidents – the history of each employee’s work with each individual document is stored;
  • Managing access to company data wherever they are (DRM). Possibility to revoke previously granted rights;
  • Maximum protection during the exchange of data between the workstation and the server without the use of a VPN;
  • Detailed reports on scheduled corporate data usage;
  • A single web interface for managing all the features: data backup, protection on mobile devices, collaboration with documents;
  • Reduction of external and intranet traffic – mail attachments are automatically converted into safe links;
  • Virtual data room, as a rule, does not require significant resources for implementation;
  • Simplicity and convenience of everyday use – there is no need for employee training.

What Is The Cost Of Implementing A Virtual Data Room For Your Business?

The data room pricing depends on competition and functionality. The higher the competition, the lower the cost. The final amount is the sum of the number of features and the cost of implementation. It is quite easy to predict the first part – just study the vendors’ websites and the proposed tariffs. But it is already more difficult to calculate the costs of implementation and maintenance. To do this, you need to pay attention to the following points.


You have to refine the system if you have chosen a universal product and realized that it lacks some functions for the normal operation of the business. Customization can be performed by the club’s IT specialists, third-party contractors, or developers. In each case, the costs will be different.

System Setup

In complex products, customization is sold as a separate service, since this process requires certain competencies and skills. This is important to consider when planning your budget.


Consider what additional services the virtual data room services integrate with and who will do it – you or the developers.


Find out in advance the conditions under which the technical support of the program is provided and include it in the implementation cost plan.

Number Of workplaces

Take the time to count the exact number of regular and occasional users of virtual data rooms. This will help you understand how many workplaces will need to be activated in the system.

Employee Тraining

It is not enough to implement a virtual data room, it is necessary to train staff to work in it. It will take about a week and a half to study the program. Remember that training will be needed not only for current employees but also for those you hire in the future.


By investing in a virtual data room, you will definitely not lose money but strengthen your reputation for competitiveness, provide a secure platform to store and share important documents and information, speed up all workflows and reduce the burden on your employees, which will help them to be more diligent and complete projects faster. Before installing a virtual data room, be sure to calculate the budget for spending and estimate how much money is needed for maintenance. Do not worry, all expenses will pay off because the company will work faster and more efficiently.

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