The Value Of Professional Maintenance On Your Ford F150 Truck

Winter in Canada is tough on any vehicle, even on a pick-up truck built for work and driving through bad conditions. From icy roads to salt damage and freezing temperatures, no vehicle runs the same during the cold months of winter and it can make drivers crazy for the dayspring comes around. But with months of winter to endure, you have to make sure your truck remains as reliable as you need it to be, and that means keeping up with winter maintenance and following all the tips and tricks that will keep you on time.

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Ford F150 Truck Maintenance Quick Guide

1. Fluids – Oil, engine coolant/antifreeze, windshield washer fluid – it’s all affected by the freezing temperatures, especially oil. Oil gets thicker in the cold and thinner in the heat, so change out the oil and put in something thinner. In colder temperatures, some truck experts recommend a 70% antifreeze and 30% water ratio. Keep the rest of your fluids up and follow the owner’s manual. It’s also a good idea to keep extra washer fluid handy through the winter when all that salt and slush will come up and splatter your windshield. If you’re running a diesel Ford truck, head to a Ford dealership in Brampton like Colony Ford Brampton for your oil change. Your diesel trucks need trained technicians who know the ins and outs of diesel.

2. Check The Hydraulics – Check the brake pads and change the brake fluid and preserve the lifespan of your brake cylinders. The braking system accumulates dirt and air all year-long, and changing the fluid can help clean it out. You can also test out your braking system by testing out a controlled skid after a snowfall to make sure you’ve got enough pressure on your tires.

3. Keep It Clean – It may not affect the performance of your truck, but the outside of your truck is just as important as the inside. It’s all about keeping maintenance on your mind; if you let the exterior slip, you’re not going to look at your truck and think it deserves the best maintenance on the inside, too. Cleaning packages from Ford dealerships like Colony Ford Brampton help keep your truck looking its finest, even in the winter.

4. Snow Tires – Trade out those mud tires you use for country roads and work sites and put on the snow tires. Mud tires have wide voids and it’s bad for traction when you’re driving on the highway. Get your winter tires and don’t worry about the driving conditions.

When you drive a Ford truck, winter maintenance is key to keeping it on the road for longer. Look for great deals and service specials for your Ford from local Ford dealerships near you. Don’t wait for parts to wear out and break down on you. Take pre-emptive action and use preventative maintenance to extend your truck’s lifespan. Get the professionals at your Ford dealership to maintain your truck this winter. They know better than anyone else how to keep a Ford truck moving.

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