Projection Mapping Could Reinvent The Clothes We Wear

There have been videos uploaded to the Internet in the past few years that show the potential of projection mapping, but it’s not until now that we can see the real innovation in this technology. The way we see clothes is that they look the way they look, if that make sense. In the future, we could be walking around with single color clothes which when we enter a club, for example, change color or pattern into something entirely different.

This is not a new technology by any means, but it is definitely starting to become advanced enough to really impress people. That becomes clear when you start to search for this technology on the Internet. No longer is it just when face-on that projection mapping is the most effective. Recently developers and innovators have managed to use projection mapping on 3D objects, which means it can now work with 360 degree textures.

We can clearly see the impressive results on a video demonstration (however not the 360 degree capability) produced by Flurry Interactive. It’s a look at how projection mapping transforms and morphs a Nike sneaker into whatever color and shape the user wants it to have. It even adds animated textures to the shoe, which become something of a light show in itself.

There is a lot left that can be done, and this is definitely a technology that we should all keep an eye on. With 3D printing starting to become such a huge part of our everyday lives, projection mapping could come to complement the simplicity of 3D printing and make them ultimately the only two technologies that would drive the consumer market for years ahead.

Imagine for a second walking into a club which is equipped with several different projectors, detectors and motion sensors. A powerful computer stored somewhere in the building would be able to use projection mapping to add cool light shows on everyone’s clothes and even add ads to further drive the technology and its profitability. You have to agree that this technology is a tickling display of just how engaging it would be to actually leave the virtual world for a second. It’s something that we all should appreciate a little more every once in a while.

Flurry Interactive’s Projection Mapping Technology

 Fashion Projection Mapping Technology

Fashion Projection Mapping Technology

Fashion Projection Mapping Technology