How To Properly Deal With A Modern Day Digital Distraction

If you are a busy entrepreneur, you are probably preoccupied with so many problems you have to solve immediately. You have some bills to pay, receivables to collect, and sales target to reach. You might also be looking for reliable credit repair services to fix your old loans. Alongside, you have a lot of tasks to perform to meet some deadlines. If you are that busy, you will have to look for ways to manage your time and energy. On the contrary, time management seems difficult to do, especially when people are faced with digital distraction.

Look around, and you will notice that almost all people are busy with their smartphones. As a result, lots of people are unable to finish their work in time, and they become unproductive.

Why Do People Get Distracted by Digital Technology?

The rise of the smartphone may be the culprit to this question. Although social media addiction contributes a lot in digital distraction as it’s the presence of smartphones that causes people to procrastinate. Keep in mind that young adults who keep using their smartphones are not only busy with social media interaction but also with game apps.

[pullquote]Game apps like Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go, and Mobile Legends occupy a larger percentage of time spent by users with smartphones.[/pullquote] On the other hand, social media has been around for several years already. Smartphones did not exist yet when social media giants like Facebook and Twitter appeared on the scene.

It’s true that many people have joined the social media bandwagon since it was introduced, but it was the introduction of smartphones that propelled more people to become more active in social media interaction.

Since smartphones are handy, they can easily be brought everywhere. Consequently, students and workers begin to get distracted.

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Is Digital Distraction That Bad?

The word distraction itself has a bad connotation. If you refer to smartphones, smart apps, and social media, they are not actually bad, as long as they are used moderately. However, if such digital recreations have become digital distractions, they will affect your productivity.

According to a study conducted by The Information Overload Research Group, knowledge workers who get distracted by smartphones and social media notifications waste 25% of their productive time, which costs the economy $997 billion per year. Therefore, digital distraction is definitely bad in terms of productivity.

This is the reason why some companies ban the use of personal smartphones at work. Even opening a personal Facebook account at work is considered by these companies as a mortal sin.


Tips On Managing Digital Distraction

Managing your time depends largely on self-discipline. You can easily arrange your schedule and divide your time according to the level of importance; however, implementing it’s a challenge. Managing your time shouldn’t be focused on how you can arrange your available time, but instead, should start from your mindset.

Allocate at least one hour before you go to bed, and use this time to check your smartphone. Turn it off while at work or having meals as the idea behind this is to make it a habit to do something one a time, so you can avoid mixing digital distractions with studies or work.

Final Thoughts

Technology is designed to make us more efficient and productive. However, it can also be abused and become a digital distraction. It’s not because of the technology itself, but because of how unprepared we are in using it.

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