Stick-N-Find: Easily Find Lost Items With This Proximity Detector

One of the greatest annoyances in today’s gadget infused world is that we continuously manage to misplace them. Finding a misplaced remote control, smartphone or even our car keys is not only an annoyance, but also a time consuming endeavor that we should be able to optimize, right? There are a few gadgets out there that help us find lost gadgets, but they are usually very basic and quite limited. You might remember me writing about the BIKN not too long ago. Just like that one, this is another accessory that will help you locate lost items, but this one works a little differently. It has multiple uses that might come in handy in your everyday life. It uses a proximity detector to hone in on your items, and tell you where they might be.

The proximity detector called Stick-N-Find is a neat little invention that you can stick on pretty much anything. Once applied, you will be able to track just how far away your lost item is with the accompanying application. The cool thing about this concept is that you can setup active proximity boundaries to keep track of your kids, pets or even your luggage.

In short, the Stick-N-Find proximity detector will help you keep track of where all of your things are. Stick a locator on whatever you want, and you can always track it. It reaches up to 100 feet, but personally, I think it’s still a little bit too big to work as a tracker for your gadgets. As long as you can clearly see the invention on a gadget, I think it’s going to be an annoyance. However, for luggage, pets and maybe your kids if you want to make sure they don’t wander off too far from home, this thing is absolutely perfect.

The company behind this proximity detector, Live Easy Technology, is a startup that is currently looking to fund the final stages of the product realization. They are looking to raise $70,000, and with 27 days left, they have amassed over $328,000 already! If anything, that should prove there is a huge demand for a gadget and application like this. Have a look at their project profile over at IndieGoGo and pledge to get your own Stick-N-Find set when it’s ready for shipping.

Live Easy Technology’s Proximity Detector