Pulse Detection Mirror Technology Could Detect Future Crimes

We have covered facial detection innovation previously here on Bit Rebels. That includes everything from store customer analysis technologies to depression counseling software. Facial recognition technology is being pushed forward at an ever greater pace. New facial recognition technologies are constantly being invented, and one that is particularly interesting is a new pulse detection mirror from Fujitsu. It is said to be able to detect future crimes based on a person’s pulse.

It has always been dangerous to try to determine crimes before they have been committed. I think we all know why after having seen the Minority Report movie, right? Well, this pulse detection mirror is not quite on that kind of scale just yet. Even though it’s quite impressive, it doesn’t have the advanced features of being able to look into the future. What it does instead is use its pulse detection algorithm to detect a person’s pulse by measure light refractions in the skin. It is able to detect your pulse as accurately as within three beats per minute.

What Fujitsu means when they say their pulse detection mirror can detect future crimes is that when their algorithm is used in a camera (in combination with other technologies), it can detect pulse elevation in people who are about to do something risky, which increases their pulse. This technology could also be a great tool for medical analysis. When a patient is at home, he or she could just stand in front of the mirror for about 5 seconds, and their pulse will be detected and sent to a doctor who can analyze the data.

Even though the technology is still in its infancy, especially the pulse detection technology for future crime detection, it shows great potential. When it’s perfected, we can expect it to be incorporated into our mobile phones and devices in order to further mobilize us, and make us less dependent on fixed spots in our lives. More mobility means more freedom, and this pulse detection mirror could definitely add to that freedom for patients who usually have to get their pulse analyzed several times a day.

Fujitsu’s Pulse Detection Mirror Technology

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