Ramen Bowl iPhone Dock Enables Dinner FaceTime Companionship

For a lot of people, lunch and dinner are some of the loneliest moments of the day. Not always because of the lack of friends, but because some people have professions that require that they work by themselves or far away from home. For these people, a dinner is just a necessary thing to eat in order to stay focused all day. There is a new iPhone dock that could make those dinner moments a whole lot more fun though. It’s a Ramen bowl that let’s you FaceTime while eating.

This quite creative solution is called the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl and is somewhat of an iPhone dock which will allow you to FaceTime while eating your dinner. Sure, it doesn’t connect to anything, so it can’t really be called an iPhone dock. But it does let you position the iPhone in front of you so you can have company while eating even over great distances. Never before have friends been so close even though they are half a world apart.

The interesting concept of this Ramen bowl was created by a design firm called MisoSoupDesign. For lonely people far away from their families, this could be a great little concept to help enhance their lifestyles. Maybe other brands of smartphones will work as well, there is no specification for what smartphones will actually fit in this Ramen bowl. By the looks of it, if your smartphone is the same size or smaller than the iPhone, you might be able to utilize this Ramen bowl as well.

As of right now, the bowls presented in the pictures are the only ones in existence. There is no word about when these Ramen bowls will be available or what the pricing will be. By any extent of the imagination, these Ramen bowls could become quite popular, which of course increases the chance of them soon being available in your local store. It’s not like they include any kind of tricky technology which would delay their marketing. I am sure they are just waiting for the demand to increase – maybe through articles like this one. There’s no doubt it is an intriguing little design. It’s one that could change a lot of people’s lives.

Ramen Bowl iPhone “Dock” Concept



Via: [c|net]