Dad Creates Awesome Intruder Alarm So Son Can Keep His Brother Out

Having a technology master for a dad must sometimes be a true blessing, at least if you’re having problems keeping people out of your room. One such kid decided enough was enough, and went to his dad for help. The problem was that he couldn’t keep his brother out of his room when he wasn’t at home. The two decided that in order to resolve the situation, some creativity had to be summoned. In the end, it resulted in one of the geekiest intruder alarm devices to date.

If you have any brothers or sisters, I know you know how annoying it can be when they sneak their way into your room and “borrow” stuff without asking you first. Well, that is something that a particularly dedicated¬†Make user and father decided to change. Together with his son, they put together an intruder alarm which has a number of pretty darn cool features.

By using a Raspberry Pi computer as the engine to drive the intruder alarm, they managed to add features like the ability to play MP3 files and interface with USB peripherals like cameras. It even has general purpose inputs and outputs for connecting to simple electronic components like buttons, sensors and lights. Called the PiLarm, this intruder alarm can detect movement and even send video to a smartphone when triggered.

It’s amazing what creativity, a little knowhow and the determination to solve a problem can result in, right? I guess the brother of this little genius is going to have a hard time ever “borrowing” anything in the future. Have a look at the video to see how they put this brilliant alarm together, and how the perpetrator once and for all was caught in the middle of his sneaky actions. Sometimes it really pays off having a dad who knows how technology works, wouldn’t you say?

PiLarm – Raspberry Pi Driven Intruder Alarm

Raspberry Pi Intruder Alarm

Raspberry Pi Intruder Alarm

Raspberry Pi Intruder Alarm