Guy Creates Sick Raspberry Pi Palm Top Computer

The Raspberry Pi was a success basically from the day it was announced. Many people said it wasn’t possible to create a $35.00 computer that was almost as powerful as an average home computer, but the project was destined for success from the very start. Once released, the Raspberry Pi sold like crazy and people started putting together their own creations using it as the engine. That is exactly the case with the custom palm top computer build created by Jason Birch.

When you think about it, if you can create something as powerful as a computer basically using only scrap components, you pretty much have it down to the core when it comes to skills. Jason has the skills to make something work technically, and the palm top computer is definitely proof of that. Sure, it might not be the best looking design in the world, but it is definitely a beauty if you look at the components he used and the application of the whole concept.

The Raspberry Pi is a powerful little pocket computer that has served as the core for many homegrown projects, but we don’t see stuff like this very often. It would be quite awesome to bust out this badboy in a café somewhere and see the looks on people’s faces.

This palm top computer is modular and can easily be disassembled into its components. It also has hinges on the back which enable the user to fold it down into a flat and compact “pocket” computer. The battery is located on the bottom of the build, and it holds 6 AA batteries which are more than enough to power this computer for at least as long as it will take you to get frustrated with the navigational controls of the build. Jokes aside, this build is intriguing in its own way, and it should “appeal” to any home tinkerer who dreams of putting together his or her own palm top computer.

Jason Birch’s Raspberry Pi Palm Top Computer Build

Raspberry Pi Palm Top

Raspberry Pi Palm Top

Raspberry Pi Palm Top