New Reactive Grip Technology Adds Ultra Realistic Gaming Experience

It seems everyone is trying to do their best to invent the next big thing in computer interaction. I think we have seen enough new technology here on Bit Rebels to last us a lifetime in the last few months. New innovations that aim to reconnect us to the computer interface are one of the most inspiring forms of tech to date. However, they usually fail to touch the essence of interaction, which would make it more immersive. A new reactive grip technology might have a better chance to win our attention though.

This new reactive grip technology is developed by Palmer Luckey, at Tactical Haptics, and could make gaming and computer interaction a whole lot more hands on. The point of the device is to create an ultra realistic computer interaction experience which allows you to immerse yourself into whatever you are doing on the screen in a much deeper aspect. The reactive grip technology consists of a hand-held controller that has moving parts in the grip in order to infuse a realistic feeling of weight and movement when you move, fling or swing something on the screen.

For gaming, this reactive grip technology could mean that virtual reality gets a whole new level of realism since you will not only feel like you are immersed in the world you entered, but also because you will feel the materials around you. The grip technology is meant to be licensed when it is fully developed, but since there are still so few applications supporting it, they are looking to sell it with the help of a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. Hopefully that will add a bunch more interest for the new technology (somewhat like what happened to the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet) and make companies more interested in licensing the technology for their games and applications.

The demo showcased at the Game Developers Conference 2013 made people really looking forward to what this grip technology can do when further developed. I think everyone has been looking forward to a more immersed gaming experience, and this could potentially be that next step. It not only caters to gaming though, it has also shown great potential when it comes to virtual surgery and mechanics as well, so we will have to see which field it will become most successful in when it starts shipping.

Tactical Haptics’ New Reactive Grip Technology



Via: [Ubergizmo]