Realtime Color Manipulation System Assists Those With Color Blindness

Color blindness is a disability that robs people of some of the world’s most beautiful experiences. Not seeing different shades of color, or worse yet, not seeing certain colors at all can deprive anyone’s life of certain emotions and happiness. What if we could instantly saturate colors in real life to create a more intense color palette that color blind individuals could see? This real life realtime color manipulation system might not be as far away as you might immediately think.

A team of researchers over at Wakayama University has been developing a system that can manipulate and enhance the color of real life objects in realtime. The technology’s core purpose is to help color blind people enjoy the spectrum of colors their eyes allow them to see. By using color manipulation, the system can adjust certain color shades in order to make them more predominate, which will enable color blind people to see the world in a saturation they have previously never experienced.

Not only can this system use color manipulation to change the saturation and colors of flat objects such as magazines, but with the right positioning, the system can also use location color manipulation to change and enhance colors and saturation of real life 3D objects in realtime. This is a huge step forward to allow the color impaired to enjoy the world in the same color spectrum as people who are not color blind.

The team behind this revolutionary system is currently looking for companies that can help implement this technology to further enable the color blind to function without constantly wondering what certain colors look like. When severe, color blindness can prevent people from becoming train drivers, pilots and many other occupations. Not only that, but color blind people sometimes also have a hard time determining important colors like caution lights etc. on daily devices. This technology will certainly come to good use once its been widely implemented around the world.

Color Manipulation System Helps Color Blind See

Color Manipulation System Project

Color Manipulation System Project

Color Manipulation System Project