Real TRON Skatecycle: The Age Of TRON Has Arrived!

Right now TRON is on everyone’s lips, and it’s hard to find a place or gadget that hasn’t been Tronified. There are newly rendered imaginative gadgets, and then there’s the gadgets that are real but have gotten some modification added to them to appear as much TRON as possible. I saw the movie a couple of days ago, and I must say that it was beyond all expectations when it comes to the effects and everything around them. Everyone keeps saying the storyline could have been way better, but seriously, the movie is about the insides of a computer so what more do you expect? Well, to not get off topic, I think that most vehicles in the movie should be possible to build within the foreseeable future. But, you might not have to wait for them that long.

The new TRON Skatecycle is here now, and you can buy it off of Hammacher Schlemmer, sort of. For just $149.95, you can get the Skatecycle which you can then give some attention and love to make it light up like a TRON Christmas tree. The costs to modify it don’t have to be more than a few bucks if you know where to get the stuff. The result is seriously worth all the money and time spent on it.

By the attention it got when showcased on a YouTube clip, it’s one of those things that you will have a bundle of fun with during the summer when you’re skating down to the store at night just to get a couple of energy drinks and some chips to help you through a night of designing. It’s geekdom for sure!