Guy Completely Replicates Wearable Working PIP-Boy 3000

Yesterday I wrote about Simon Liu, a LEGO pioneer who put together one of the best looking PIP-Boy 3000 LEGO builds ever. Today I thought we would step it up a notch and join the real world. The PIP-Boy 3000 as some of you know, is a fictional gadget from the Fallout game series, and is your only help to keep you on path within the game. Many have tried to replicate this mythical gadget, but YouTuber Aleator777 might just have created the best working PIP-Boy 3000 to date.

What this guy has been able to put together is something of a must see. Imagine for a second that you are able to reach within Fallout, grab the PIP-Boy 3000 and then drag it into the real world. That is how it feels looking at the working PIP-Boy 3000 that Aleator777 has been able to put together. It’s amazing in every way, and I hardly know where to begin telling you about all its features.

To start with, this working PIP-Boy 3000 is exactly what it is made out to be, “working”. Every button, every knob and every item on the screen is replicated and working perfectly. Here it comes, except the lights underneath the screen.

In the game, these three light-up buttons are your option selection buttons. However, it seems no one has been able to figure out how to make this work. But, do not let that dampen your excitement, everything else is working perfectly, and you can even wear it the way it’s supposed to be worn. Many of these supposedly working PIP-Boy 3000s are just props that are meant to be looked at, not worn. This piece of awesomeness is working just the way it’s supposed to and by the looks of the video it is a marvelous display of technological ingenuity and skills.

Aleator777 used an Atmega 328P arduino board, and a 4D Systems 2.8 inch display to package the whole thing into a working PIP-Boy 3000. The features incorporated are fully interactive controls (scroll wheel, rotary switch, and mode button), multiple UI colors (green and amber for now), nearly identical UI to the in-game PIP-Boy 3000 (stats, items, data and related sub-screens), and even internal leather sleeve for comfy wearing. Now if that isn’t worthy of your time and a like I don’t know what is. Pure awesomeness in our opinion!

Aleator777’s Fully Replicated Working PIP-Boy 3000 Build

Working PIP-Boy 3000 Replica

Working PIP-Boy 3000 Replica