Real X-Men Cyclops Helmet Is The Essence Of Terrifying

Ever since the dawn of movies, the urge to realize anything that is not yet real is the primary driving force of fandom. Movie franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who are but a few examples. Some things realized are more horrifying than others and the gadget that we will take a closer look at today is one of those. So what is it? It’s a realization of Cyclops from X-Men turned into a fire-breathing Cyclops helmet.

The idea was created by YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced and, I want to stress this, shall not be tried by anyone as that would most definitely result in a trip to the emergency. The Cyclops helmet is, by the looks of it, a modified welder’s helmet and it is as deadly as any fire-breathing gadget you can think of.

The contraption is purely for the purpose of the video and should not be recreated. However, the invention is the closest thing to the real deal so far, don’t you think? I mean, a flamethrower helmet like this is not the simplest of things to put together, considering the hazardous nature of it.

As mentioned in the Sploid post, there are many safety risks with this Cyclops helmet, and they are all life-threatening. DO NOT attempt to recreate this yourself as it will at some point fail you, and the catastrophe will then be a fact.

But, all safety issues considered, they can’t take away from the fact that it is cool looking and with a few, professional, touches and safety features, the Cyclops helmet could rival the real X-Men Cyclops. It’s a crazy build, sure, but it is nonetheless a cool one as well. The guys over at Sufficiently Advanced is currently on a month-long mission to recreate X-Men gear taken directly from the movies, so head on by their channel and check out what they have come up with. Awesomeness assured!

Functional Cyclops Helmet From X-Men

X-Men Cyclops Helmet Build

Source: [SPLOID]