Potential Google Glass Killer Recon Jet Now Taking Pre-Orders

There has been an insane amount of talk about the Google Glass concept over the last year. We have seen demonstrations of these glasses that are meant to draw us in, and they’ll most likely find a place within our lives once they are made available. But with a new technology product comes a lot of competition. Everyone wants in on a market that’s unsaturated, and when you start looking at the competition Google is facing, nothing is more threatening than the new Recon Jet glasses.

Being able to put a computer interface on the world has long been a science fiction dream, and now that Google is ready to launch their Google Glass glasses, we’re all waiting to see if it is something that will actually catch on. There are many people saying the Glass serves no real optimized purpose, so it won’t be able to wow the market. Then there are also a lot of people who can’t wait to get their hands on a pair. Maybe the Google Glass glasses are just a little too costly to become a hit. That’s where the Recon Jet glasses come in.

The Recon Jet glasses don’t really look like the Google Glass glasses, but they sport pretty much the same features. The display appears at the bottom of the shade-like glasses and is primarily meant to give the user performance feedback while monitoring heart rate, speed, distance covered and a bunch of other statistics. They also provide features like showing incoming calls, text messages and social media updates.

The differences between the Google Glass glasses and the Recon Jet glasses might be many when you look at the visual aspect of them both, but it’s when you have a glance at the price tag that you understand why people might go for the Recon Jet glasses instead. The Recon Jet glasses just opened up for pre-orders, and you can now swing in an order a pair for just $499. The official retail price will be applied in December, and will be bumped up to $600. I bet Google is starting to worry about their product’s success since their own glasses are said to retail for around $1,000.

Recon Jet – Groundbreaking Heads-Up Display Glasses