Remote Controlled Floor Mop Makes Even Gamers Feel Compelled To Clean

It’s not always the most appealing of tasks to grab that floor mop and get to work. A lot of people procrastinate their cleaning endeavors until they absolutely can’t avoid it anymore. It’s not a very good strategy, but one that many people seem to utilize just because they can’t seem to find the inspiration to get it done right away. It might be boring and exhausting to clean, but with the remote controlled floor mop which was recently announced, cleaning could become more fun.

There have been boatloads of concepts and ideas to make cleaning a whole lot more inspiring. Most of them have failed to appeal to us, and thus come and gone before they have even had the chance to make an impact. It’s hard to say whether or not that will be the case with the remote controlled floor mop. I personally think any kind of optimization when it comes to cleaning is welcome. However, I don’t know if a remote controlled floor mop is the way to go. The Roomba vacuum robot is the best invention so far when it comes to automatic cleaning devices. Could this floor mop join its ranks and become a worldwide success as well?

I have a hard time picturing myself sitting on a couch with a controller, even though I am a gamer, and steering this little badboy around. I mean, at some point I would have to either pick up what it has collected or even empty its bowels in order to keep it going. Is that optimized? Not really, but the concept might just appeal to the many millions of fanatic gamers around the globe, so I guess we shouldn’t write this floor mop off just yet.

This floor mop is actually dubbed “Sugoi Mop,” and it was developed and marketed by Kyosho Egg, a Japanese company. Sugoi means “wonderful” and is probably an attempt to affect the appeal of it since it is kind of quirky product. Don’t get me wrong though, this remote controlled floor mop could very well be this year’s Christmas present when that holiday approaches. It will set you back a geeky $42.00. It can be ordered from Amazon and would be great for anyone who wants to up their optimization and make their household chores more bionic.

Kyosho Egg’s Remote Controlled Floor Mop