reNESED – Nintendo NES In An Awesome New Suit

There is nothing less than a cult following that will forever be synonymous with everything that has to do with gaming. We all had one, gave it away or threw it in the garbage, and now we all want one again. We spent ages playing those 8bit games day in and day out just to attempt to break new records or beat the game. We were mesmerized by it’s simplicity and the power it gave us. Of course, I am talking about the Nintendo NES gaming console, what else is there? It’s the best selling console ever, and it is likely to stay that way for a long time to come.

The NES console had games that we all could play. No gory killing sprees, no blowing up your neighborhood or killing people with a bat just to get some cred as a hooligan. It was all good fun with jumping sprites and flying enemies. We had full control of Links, Super Mario and many many more. And it was just a game in itself to collect and buy as many games as you could. Now there aren’t many consoles left working, and the price for them is going up each day that passes by.

In an attempt to blow new life into this highly sought after gaming console, designer Javier Segovia gave the Nintendo NES a new suit which I think is just the raddest thing since sliced bread. Imagine showing off your NES console to your friends and having them think you have one of those old gray ones laying around collecting dust. Slipping this out all shiny and glistening will have them drop their jaws and gasping for air. You would be the coolest kid on the block, if not in your entire city… at least that is a fact! Behold, a new era of the NES is upon us…