Retro Tech And What It’s Worth Today [Infographic]

At some point, all the technology we buy is going to become retro. I remember when I bought my first Nintendo NES. It was a monumental day in my life, but never did I think that its mere existence would become synonymous with 8-bit and all things retro. Sometimes the technology we buy becomes so valuable with time that it becomes a collector’s item. Some pieces of retro tech can bring in as much as $650,000 if you were lucky enough to have kept it.

One of the most recognizable retro tech devices is of course the Apple-1 computer. When it was announced at the Maker Faire by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it became an instant success. They instantly sold 50 of them, and it rapidly expanded from there. Nowadays, if you are one of the smart people who kept your Apple-1 computer, it can bring in a price of around $650,000. It’s not a shabby amount of money for a piece of technology you bought back in 1976 for $666.66.

If you are curious about how much your own retro tech could be worth (the stuff stored in your basement), there might be a way to find out. This infographic called The Money Behind Retro Tech is presented by Laurena Wilson. It might just be what you are looking for.

The infographic lists everything from the Apple-1 computer to the less attractive Mega Drive game station. The retro tech that was created more recently, like the first iPod, the first 3D printer and maybe even the first GPS, could one day bring in a wad of cash that could compare to the winnings of a lotto ticket. Take this good advice and hold on to the retro tech that is created today. Store it somewhere safe. Chances are, when you grow old, it could be what will finance your exclusive living habits. You never know, right?

Laurena Wilson’s Value Of Retro Tech

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