5-Year-Old Receives Revolutionary Inexpensive 3D Printed Robotic Hand

Have you introduced yourself to the 3D printing revolution yet? If not, it’s about time you get started. 3D printing is becoming one of the most versatile and life-changing technologies we have seen in a long time. By enabling all of us to produce prototypes and finished products, we are entering a new level in the competitive innovation climate that could change our whole world. That was recently displayed when a 5-year-old received a revolutionary 3D printed robotic hand.

It is 5-year-old Liam, a boy from South Africa, who has had his entire life changed for the better. Liam was born without fingers on his right hand which made him unable to pick things up. Richard Van As, who is currently working on a prosthetic replacement for his own hand together with prop maker Iwan Owen from Washington, came to Liam’s rescue. Their collaboration resulted in the making of something they have come to call the Robohand. It’s a rather impressive, yet simple, robotic hand created entirely by 3D printing the parts that make it functional.

Richard and Iwan saw the struggling 5-year old and decided to create a robotic hand for him. The revolutionary part about this is that prosthetic limbs, especially as intricate as the finger’s, usually costs up to $10,000 per finger, but 3D printing enabled them to manufacture this robotic hand for just $150. If anything, that should be motivation enough for anyone to get introduced to 3D printing.

The innovative thinking which enabled 5-year-old Liam to grab things with his right hand for the first time has far more implications than most people might understand. As explained by Richard and Iwan, the ability to give this to Liam further inspires them to fine-tune this robotic hand and teach their knowledge to other people which could further make 3D printing a vital part of all our lives. The ability to imagine, design and print things into real objects that can change lives is just one aspect of this story that will boost the popularity of 3D printing as a whole.

Richard Van As & Iwan Owen’s 3D Printed Robotic Hand



Via: [Newsy]