How Robots Can Change The Future Of Work [Infographic]

The future of work is looking extremely different compared to how it was 30 years ago. Imagining a robot workforce seemed to be a distant dream that we wouldn’t achieve in our lifetimes. However, the recent introduction of Robotic Process Automation is about to change working environments forever and, as a result, make them a more productive and efficient place. This infographic explores the impact that RPA can have on a workforce, getting the facts straight and addressing the myths.

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What Is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is an emerging technology that will revolutionize offices all around the globe. Many companies are still unaware of its advantages. This new technology will carry out mundane tasks that office workers may spend hours completing and find de-motivating. Designers are confident that RPA will bring better quality customer service, lower running costs, and greater productivity.

So, basically, RPA will take care of all the mundane and tediously repetitive work that we, as humans, find mind-numbing and time-consuming. It will free up time to develop other ways to serve our customers and clients in ways that we have never before been able to. The time freed up will also help us increase the quality of our products and services faster than ever before.

[pullquote]Many people believe that bringing automation and robotics into a workplace will put people out of jobs. It’s easy to look at it this way, however, that is most likely not going to be the truth.[/pullquote] In order to stay competitive products and services needs to be evolved, refined and become future-proof on so many levels that we will find other work routines and tasks that only humans are capable of doing.

This will, of course, continue to be the case no matter how much automation or however many robots are brought into our workplaces. Even advanced artificial intelligence will need people solving problems to a certain extent. This is, however, a whole different chapter that we will not delve into in this article.

Take a look at this infographic below (created by Thoughtonomy) to learn more, perhaps all you need to know, about the impact robotic process automation will have on the workforce revolution in the future. It is clear that automation and robots will be a pairing that will dominate repetitive work.

How Robots Can Change The Future Of Work

The Future Of Work Infographic