Robots that show real emotions! | Freaky!

It’s not a news flash to anyone that we’re getting closer and closer to the ultimate android helper. We’ve already been able to make them walk on two legs, listen and respond and even learn new things as time progresses. When I first saw this clip I was nothing but awestruck. I was simply blown away. The speed we’re progressing in robotics and our strive to make them “human”-like is increasing by the second. We’re coming up with new and exciting solutions and I tell you, when these things are for sale I will be among the first one to get one. When they get affordable enough that is.

The leaps of which they create new materials and technologies in order to get the result they need is just amazing. Who would have thought that they would be so close to mass produce these things.

The cool thing is that they are already going to mass produce a little kids robot that will become a life companion for kids. It will learn through time and it will talk to you and it shows emotions. How freaky is that? When I was little I had like…a record to listen to if I wanted some of my teddy bears to talk to me. We have surely come a long way and I just can’t wait for all this to take off.