The Role Of Content In Seo Of Your Site

Probably, you have heard such terms as ‘content marketing’ and ‘search engine optimization,’ but you might not see what they have in common. In this article, we will discuss the impact of quality content on the SEO of your website. Moreover, we will dwell on the issue of unity of SEO and content marketing.

To begin with, we should break down SEO. Generally speaking, SEO is the process of making your website recognizable in the search engine’s results without paying anything. A well-optimized site is guaranteed to be in top 5 search results in Google or any other search engine you are interested in. Better ranking means more people will attend your website, thus contributing to the more significant clientele, and so on.

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There are several aspects that a well-optimized website should have. First of all, to get the best rank for your site, you need to have some content in it. That’s where certain principles of content-making come into place. In the past, search engines paid attention only to keywords as well as relevance.

A well-optimized text has a certain number of keywords that make constitute relevant content to a specific web search. For instance, if you provide a custom dissertation writing service and want your website to be found, then you should use a certain amount of keywords as ‘writing,’ ‘essay,’ ‘dissertation,’ ‘service,’ etc. However, you should also remember not to abuse them. Otherwise, a text stuffed with keywords will be just ignored by a search engine. Luckily, certain services can help you get rid of keyword stuffing and ensure that your text is optimized.

Additionally, your published materials should be unique. Nobody loves thieves, especially Google. So, if you don’t want to get your website filtered (i.e., excluded from the search results), then you must ensure that your content is unique. It would be a good idea if you hired a professional writer who could write content for you if you are incapable of doing that on your own for any reason.

Another crucial aspect to consider is readability score. This is a special index that denotes how easy your article can be perceived by a reader. The better it is, the more understandable your text is. Remember when we said that previously, only keyword density mattered? Well, as time went by, search engines learned to analyze the users’ behavior, meaning that the longer they stay at your website, the better it is for SEO.

As a result, your articles should be gripping enough to make users read them until the end. Interesting content should be well-structured, simple to understand, contain figures, pictures, etc. A typical structure of a search engine optimization content consists of introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the opening, you should include a ‘hook’ that grabs readers’ attention. You should also signal what your article is going to be about. Let’s say you are to write a blog post. A good way to make a good article for your blog includes the so-called APP method: “Agree, Promise, Preview”.

  • You should recognize the problem your readers have. For example: “You will probably agree, if I say that to learn a new language is hard”.
  • Then you should promise that you have a solution. For instance: “What if I told that there is an effective way to learn English in 1 year?”
  • Once that you’ve promised that there is a way out, it is high time you gave them what they want: “For this reason, I offer you to take my intensive English course that is bound to help you learn this simple language in one year”.

The above are only examples, of course, and hardly anyone is going to believe you that it is possible to master a foreign language in only one year, but we hope you’ve got the point.

As soon as you are done with making a good introduction, it is time to get to the body of your article. Include several remarkable points and discuss them, so the readers have a chance to look at the issue from different perspectives, weigh all pros and cons, etc.

Finally, you should make a sound conclusion. Depending on your style of writing and personal preferences, you may either give a solution to the issue or let the readers come to a conclusion of their own. Anyway, it is up to you to decide.

In summation, it is worth saying that SEO and content go hand in hand. You cannot optimize a website without filling it with relevant content. SEO is crucial for building a profitable business as it makes sure that your company’s website is found by potential clients. Thus, you should also ensure that the content of your site is well-optimized, unique, and readable.

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